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Owner, The Karate Academy of Bethpage
ATTENTION: are you serious about Developing Your Child to the next level? 
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Bethpage Martial Arts 
Learn self-defense, Discipline, Focus, and boost your confidence - all in the first few weeks.
If You're looking for your child to get fit, make friends and learn powerful life skills such as: 
  • Focus: Enhance GETTING on task and STAYING on task skills 
  • Confidence: Learn to Believe in yourself and become more outgoing or assertive 
  •  Discipline : Better Listening Skills, Knowing when to and when not to. 
  • Listening Skills: Following directions the first time
  • Excersize: Muscle toning, fat burning, and energy boosting classes
  • Social Skills: Learn to better take turns, use manners, raising your hand, and interacting with members of their peer group with respect
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*Our Kids Classes Starts at Age 4
Class Times 

Ages 4-6 

Monday: 6:30 

Tuesday: 4:30 

Wednesday: 5:20  

Thursday: 5:00

Friday: 4:30 

Saturday: 10:00 am 

Sunday: Closed

Ages 7+ 

Monday: 4:30

Tuesday: 5:10

Wednesday: 6:00 

Thursday: 5:00

Friday: 6:00  

Saturday: 12:00 pm  

Sunday: Closed

What If Your Child Could Attain Focus, Confidence, And enhance their Listening Skills All While Having Fun, In A Safe & Exciting Environment... 
Check out the video below to see what Parents had to say about how karate has changed their child's life
Exclusive Secret: LEARN HOW Your Child Can Overcame Being Shy And Un-Confident, To Making New Friends, Being More Outgoing And Believing In Them-Self. 
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What Parents Are Saying:
Angelo was shy & timid when I brought him to the karate school. In just a few short weeks, I saw a change in him. The Karate Academy built my child’s confidence and he be came outgoing. 

The instructors are top notch & have changed my son’s life. Now in High School he is a confident, strong person who excels in public speaking . Not to mention he has also earned his Black Belt!
- Maria, Angelo's Mom.
Since Joining Karate, James has become more confident. 

He has Stuck with training for over 3 years and has been excelling in all aspects of his life ever since.

“Our son Loves interacting with the instructors and the other students”
- Mike D, James's Dad
He is challenged by new skills and rises up to the task. 

He has socially matured and goes onto the mat without needing 
re-direction - 

He has gained confidence and, like his brother, is learning responsibility "Ibrahim has Gained an outlet for his energy through an activity that is positive for him physically and socially"
- Ibrahim M's Parents.
The Karate Academy of Bethpage
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Bethpage, NY 11714
516 796 3200
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